M&Q Packaging offers a full range of Nylon film and bags perfect for the rigors of bullet proof / ballistic glass lamination and composite manufacturing.

Our polyamide vacuum bagging films boast tensile strengths exceeding 13,000 PSI so our vacuum bags will not burst in the autoclave. The superior abrasion and puncture resistance of our film and bags will help prevent pinhole vacuum leaks during your process. In addition, M&Q nylon film provides thermal resistance exceeding 400 degrees fahrenheit insuring that our bag will not melt during your autoclave cycle. Other attractive attributes include vacuum sealability, water vapor permeability and resistance to a wide range of chemicals. 

M&Q packaging has 50 years of experience in nylon bag manufacture; we can tailor-make a bag to your specifications vastly reducing pre-lamination labor!

Give M&Q a call for more information, availability and / or a quotation on our nylon vacuum bagging film today!

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