Dental tools

M&Q Packaging is a pioneer in the development and production of high temperature packaging products for the medical industry.

M&Q is proud to manufacture nylon films which are perfect for a variety of sterilization and cleanroom procedures. Our polyamide film products are used for these applications in leading medical and dental facilities around the world.

Our Sterilization film and bags offer puncture and chemical-resistance while protecting precious medical and dental instruments from contamination. Our medical pouches and lay-flat tubing are durable, able to withstand extreme heat, and transparent, making instruments easy to view without risk of contamination. Our polyamide sterilization films are specifically designed for steam and dry heat autoclaves.

M&Q sterilization lay flat tube stock is available in a variety of widths as narrow as 2”, and medical pouch sizes from 2” all the way up to 54” wide.

M&Q is also FDA Medical Device Registered!

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