Anti Static Film with electronics

M&Q’s  Anti-Static Nylon Films and Bags nylon films and bags  resist holding static charges over a broad range of relative humidity and environmental conditions. Available in orange or clear,

M&Q’s Anti-Static Nylon film and bags are suitable for applications requiring static resistivity combined with toughness, cleanliness, maximum resistance to abrasion and protection against dust attraction.  Anti-static nylon film is also self-extinguishing for reduced flammability.

Cleanroom Antistatic Nylon Films and Bags:

  • Retains physical properties even at elevated temperatures - suitable for use in extreme environmental conditions
  • Superior gas barrier properties - ideal for vacuum packaging applications and as arson evidence bags
  • Extremely oil- and grease-resistant - bags won’t dissolve or weaken when packaging lubricated parts
  • Provides maximum resistance to abrasion, wear and puncture – no risk of plastic flaking contaminating the clean part
  • Dry heat and steam autoclavable - excellent for medical, veterinary and pharmaceutical sterilization packaging
  • Resists holding a static charge - reduces attraction to dust and prevent damage to sensitive electronic parts

Available in lay-flat tubing, bags and centerfold sheeting in a variety of standard sizes and thicknesses

Custom sizes and gauges also available

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