Acrylic Rod Casings

M&Q’s ability to produce very narrow tubular polyamide nylon film to precise widths makes our film a popular choice of acrylic rod manufacturers. Our film maintains its width along the length of the rod in process making the stripping of the nylon material from the cured rod a breeze.

M&Q polyamide nylon vacuum bagging films boast the superior chemical resistance necessary for successful acrylic rod manufacture, and we specialize in small jobs involving custom size tubes.

M&Q’s nylon Acrylic Rod Casings are:

  • heat resistant up to 400°F
  • extremely strong and abrasion resistant
  • Available in lay-flat tubing and v-fold widths from 1” to 84”
  • Vacuum bags are available in widths from 2”x3” to 54” x110”
  • Made in the USA
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