Founded in 1956, M&Q Packaging LLC has a proven track record in precisely engineering custom solutions for our customers, as seen in our diversified nylon and polyester film product lines.

Based in Northeastern Pennsylvania, our manufacturing facility employs over 100 people. Our engineers tackle small-to-large scale projects, from developing cooking bags suitable for a home-cooked meal to creating films used in the medical, aerospace / composite and solvent recovery industries.

At M&Q we pride ourselves in our ability to make blown nylon and polyester film into sheets, bags, and tubing. If we don’t have a product that meets your needs, give us a call or drop us an email, we may be able to customize to your specifications. Developing innovative solutions with precise engineering is our specialty.

Quality is our top priority, matched only by our commitment to customer satisfaction. We allocate the necessary financial resources, employees, training and development to reach our goals and your approval.

For more information about our products please contact us today.