We depend on packaging to do a lot of things, from protecting contents during sterilization to aiding in further processing.  How can you make sure to get the right packaging for your technical packaging needs?

Here at M&Q, before our packaging engineers select a film or bag they spend a lot of time working with our customers to make sure they understand the packaging requirements and needs.

We thought it might be helpful to find out how our packaging engineers approach this conversation at the start – what they need to know to get things moving in the right direction.

Here are 6 basic things packaging engineers need to understand before they can recommend a packaging solution.

  1. What do you need the packaging to do? Does the package need to protect during sterilization, serve as vacuum bag for composite manufacturing, or protect meat?  As with most packaging discussions, in order to make sure you end up with a functional package, the discussion of requirements need to start with it.
  2. Are there any special characteristics for the packaging? Will the packaging need to withstand specific temperature ranges, or be chemical resistant?    Does it need to be safe for food contact or environmentally friendly?
  3. What will be inside the packaging? What is the size and shape of the contents? Are they heavy or light? Will it have sharp edges or an abrasive surface?  All of these characteristics can have an impact on the material needed.
  4. What does the package need to look like? Does the bag or film need printing on it? Should it be tinted?  Does it need a backing material, or adhesive strip for sealing?
  5. How much do you need? How do you need it delivered?  Are there any special pack out requirements?
  6. Are there any budgetary considerations for packaging?  Knowing this information at the start can help make sure that any recommendations are as cost-effective as possible.

What happens if you don’t know everything at the start? Our experienced packaging specialists are here to help you fill in any of the missing gaps, and find out what else might need to be determined before making recommendation. Want to speak with our packaging engineers about your upcoming project?  Contact us!

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