Since its beginning, M&Q Packaging has been a pioneer in the food packaging industry, introducing new products and features to help food service providers adjust to changing consumer demands while improving the efficiency of their operations. In 2011, M&Q revolutionized plastic pan liners for the restaurant industry with the introduction of PanSaver Eco, the first (and only) pan liners made with renewable materials, providing a more sustainable option for their customers.

M&Q Packaging is now pleased to introduce the next evolution in their line of sustainable packaging products for the food service industry – PanSaver RC. Made with a minimum of 80% post-consumer recycled content, PanSaver RC helps keep plastics out of the landfill system while meeting the same high-performance standards of regular PanSaver liners that busy kitchens demand.

PanSaver RC pan liners embody a perfect fusion of sustainability and performance. Here's why our exclusive features make them a game-changer in the kitchen:

  • Made with a Minimum of 80% Post-Consumer Recycled Content: We take pride in actively contributing to the reduction of plastic waste by utilizing a significant percentage of recycled materials in our PanSaver RC pan liners.
  • Ovenable to 400°F/204°C: PanSaver RC doesn't compromise on functionality. Enjoy the same high heat resistance as our traditional liners, making them suitable for a range of culinary applications.
  • Better Durability and Stronger Seals: Experience enhanced puncture resistance with improved durability and stronger seals. PanSaver RC is engineered to withstand the demands of a bustling kitchen
  • Patented ContourFit® Construction: Our innovative ContourFit® construction ensures that food stays out of corners, limiting food loss.
  • Available in Several Stock Pan Sizes: Choose from a variety of stock pan sizes to seamlessly integrate PanSaver RC into your existing kitchen setup.
  • Manufactured with pride in the USA

What exactly is post-consumer recycled content? Leveraging cutting-edge technologies, post-consumer recycled content reduces the environmental impact of plastic use by transforming consumer plastic waste into a high quality and hygienic feedstock. This process keeps plastic materials out of landfills and helps foster a circular economy. The use of PCR technology has been identified as one of the ways the United States can reach the goals outlined in the U.S. Plastics Pact.

PanSaver RC is offered exclusively as part of the PanSaver brand of products for the foodservice industry. Learn more about the PanSaver RC on their website or contact one of the knowledgeable food service team.

In summary, M&Q Packaging has continued its ongoing commitment to developing innovative products for the food service industry that help restaurant operators save time, save labor and save money with the introduction of its new product for the PanSaver brand, PanSaver RC. PanSaver RC, which contains a minimum of 80% post consumer recycled content, is designed to help customers meet their goals of reducing their environmental impact while improving the efficiency of their operations.

For over 50 years, M&Q Packaging has been moving the packaging industry forward with innovations films for a variety of uses. To learn about M&Q’s line of specialized films for aerospace, cleanrooms and a variety of industrial uses, visit their website or contact their knowledgeable team.


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