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Superior Technology for Custom Packaging Products

M&Q Packaging Corporation is a leader in the high temperature plastic packaging industry. With over 50 years of experience, M&Q not only has the ability to process different types of plastics, but also delivers specific and specially-made solutions to various plastic applications.

Serving Diverse Industries

M&Q can save your company time and money with our custom-engineered nylon film, polyester film, polyamide film, and polyethylene film packaging products that are used in many diverse applications in the food processing, food service, medical, and aerospace industries around the world.

Get the M&Q Advantage


Our quick turnaround time, exceptional customer service, and superior value for your investment make M&Q the choice for custom-designed plastic packaging products. Learn more about the M&Q advantage or contact us for additional information about any of our product lines. 

M&Q specializes in the highest quality professional products for Cheese Packaging, Meat Packaging,
Food Prep, Industrial and Medical & Cleanroom Packaging Products.