M&Q slow cooker liners provide almost effortless cleanup. These high temperature nylon liners (400 F service temperature) will protect your crock pot all day long throughout the cook cycle, even on the highest setting! When you’ve finished with your meal and stored away the leftovers, simply gather up the liner and toss in the trash, clean up complete! No scrubbing, scraping or soaking necessary.

M&Q has recently developed a new elastic-top “Sure Fit” liner. The elastic band insures that the liner will stay securely in place and provides a neat, tidy appearance.

Both the regular slow cooker liner and our new “sure fit” liner are perfect for all conventional 3qt (2.8L) to 6.5qt (6.2L) round and oval slow cookers.

For more information, pricing and samples, contact M&Q today!

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